My beloved mentor in life
My beloved mentor in life
A pilgrim's abstract
From & Towards takes T.S. Eliot's understanding of stillness, namely that it is inextricably dependent on movement, as a starting point for the search for a way to create opportunities for personal transmutation. This research asks how to carve an experience of intimate place into chaotic public spaces. It is informed by my personal experiences of traveling, moving, and migrating as well as the current political realities faced by refugees around the world. Seriality and moments of site-specific beauty are employed to create visual rhythm, with the intention to transform a liminal space into an interstitial space and to a processional space in turn. Installations of various types of prints, impressions, and books seek a magic formula which can define the difference between monotonous repetition and inviting rhythm. On-site experience, distillation, repetition, and improvisation are key working methods.
A distiller's keywords
Base Notes: Processional Space, Distillation, Embodiment Middle Notes: Transmutation, Improvisation
Top Notes: Seriality, Specific Beauty, Interstitial Space
The world romances me as I move through it. Seducing with so much beauty and chaos and grit. I travel. I look to the ground and I look to the sky for quiet and belonging and for imagery I can use to anchor to this place. These sensual anchors help me find my version of what T.S. Eliot calls “the still point of the turning world.” Beauty can be distilled like liquor and oil and pigment.
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